Aupair Medical Certificate

Au pair medical cartificate

Many employment agencies require you to submit a medical certificate with your application. Some families employing au pairs direct may also want to see such a certificate when you arrive.

It is always easiest to get this from your own doctor, before Ieaving home, rather than waiting until you are abroad. Some agencies and doctors’ surgeries will supply a special form for this purpose. However, no particular wording is necessary; just ask your doctor to write a short note for you. The sample below is usually suitable.

If you are registered with the doctor who provides the certificate you should not have to pay for the simple medical examination required, but they may charge for signing the form.

Au pair Medical Certificate

I declare that _(Name)__is in good health and, in my opinion, fit to undertake the duties of an au pair abroad.

Signed: Doctor___




When you have collected all the documents you need, all that then remains is to gather them together and post them off to your agency. The following tips will help:

- Double-check for mistakes and to make sure everything is clear and makes sense. Take a photocopy of every document you send. If you are asked to an interview it will be useful to look back at what you said.

- ïf you would like the photos, references etc to be returned then enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. If sending thc application overseas enclose two IRCs {international reply coupons) which are available at post offices, These will pay the return poslage. Enclose a short covering letter which refers to the application and thanks the recipient for considering it. Enclose all the documents in a board-backed envclope which is large enough so that they do not have to be folded. This will ensure your application arrives in good condition.

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